; The Power of Blue--Investing in America's Health
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In the Community

More than 105 million members rely on Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies for access to safe, quality and affordable healthcare. Our responsibility does not end there.

The relationships with our communities and the improvements we have made together demonstrate The Power of Blue - the power to make a difference.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies work alongside local physicians and hospitals to help provide safe and efficient care while keeping healthcare costs down.
  • Medical financial assistance
  • Safety-net partnerships
  • Maternal/child healthcare

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are leaders in healthcare innovations to ensure that all Americans receive the high-quality healthcare they deserve.
  • Health professional training
  • Medical research
  • Healthcare delivery programs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are committed to improving the health and wellness of the communities we call our own.
  • Obesity prevention
  • Disease prevention
  • School programs

The Power of Blue in Every Community Across America

Click on a state to learn more about how your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield company is creating healthier communities.

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