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Getting Worksite Wellness Right

Posted by Cathy Hartman, Vice President of Prevention and Wellness at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts on October 1, 2014

Now more than ever, employers are embracing worksite wellness programs to improve the health of their employees, reduce absenteeism, recruit and retain the best and brightest, and produce medical cost savings in the long-run. In fact, 50...

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Commitment to the Next Generation of Healthy Americans

Posted by By Paul Gerrard, Vice President, Strategic Communications, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association on September 23, 2014

One in three Americans relies on Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies for access to safe, quality, and affordable healthcare, but our responsibility does not end there. We help our members tackle some of the...

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High Blood Pressure – Why Knowing Your Numbers Matters

Posted by Elizabeth Casey on June 3, 2014

About 70 million Americans have high blood pressure, and nearly as many have prehypertension, which is when blood pressure numbers are higher than normal but not yet in...

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Creating Access to Care for Women and Girls, from Wyoming to Detroit

Posted by Elizabeth Casey on May 8, 2014

When it comes to healthcare, women require a unique set of services. Women’s health needs vary widely from that of their male counterparts, and the difference goes beyond pregnancy and childbirth. Many women might...

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Walking Is One Of The Simplest, Most Effective - And Inexpensive - Things You Can Do For Your Health

Posted by Dr. Trent Haywood, M.D., J.D. on April 30, 2014

In this era of hot yoga and extreme sports, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the low risks and high benefits of a startlingly simple, natural exercise: Walking.

Perhaps this is because walking suffers from poor marketing, as it...

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