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Helping you Live your Healthy Resolutions – 365 Days a Year

Posted by Beckie Hawks on February 4, 2016

For many, it’s a yearly ritual.

After the giant, sparkling ball drops in Times Square and ‘Happy New Year’ greetings are exchanged, carefully chosen resolutions begin – and then end within a few...

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Improving the Health of America through the Power of Blue

Posted by Elizabeth Casey on July 8, 2015

More than 106 million people rely on Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies for their health insurance coverage. That’s one in three...

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Three Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy from Independence Blue Cross

Posted by Mary Eileen O’Connor, Independence Blue Cross on April 15, 2015

Consider these odds: If you play the Powerball lottery, your chances of winning the grand prize are about 1 in 175 million. But whether you’re a woman or a man, your chances of dying from

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BCBSMN Foundation Joins with Public Libraries to Promote Health Literacy

Posted by Elizabeth Casey on March 18, 2015

Health literacy is a crucial skill for all Americans, but many still have much to learn. Though great strides have been made in educating the population on health and wellness issues like diet and exercise, many communities are still in need of...

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New Jersey Musical Helps Students Learn Healthy Habits

Posted by Elizabeth Casey on March 2, 2015

Quick: recite the alphabet. Did you sing the song in your head? Chances are the ABCs and dozens of other nursery rhymes and songs learned in school are deeply imprinted in your memory. Teaching through music is a tried and true way to help...

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