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Make Healthcare More Affordable

Posted by Marc Lichtenstein on May 6, 2013

Where does your healthcare dollar go?

Healthcare spending exceeds $2.6 trillion annually and strains America's families and businesses, as well as...

Affordable Care, Health Insurance


Understanding Health Insurance Coverage To Maximize Your Care

Posted by Marc Lichtenstein on April 29, 2013

When people find themselves in the middle of a personal or family health issue, they can easily become overwhelmed by new realities, complexities and lifestyle changes. By eliminating the “unknowns” about the administration and...

Healthcare, Access, Health Insurance, Healthcare Consumers


Promoting Health through Housing

Posted by Madeleine Lovette on April 8, 2013

It’s not every day that a business conference agenda includes a morning spent washing windows, painting, and sprucing up tired landscaping. Unless, that is, the conference is the annual National Labor/Management Healthcare Strategies...

BCBS History


Business Diversity and Our Local Communities

Posted by Marc Lichtenstein on March 20, 2013

Diversity creates a rich tapestry of cultures, ideas and experiences across our country. It broadens the definition of what it means to be an American. And when it is a fundamental component of business, diversity can make a great positive...


Kids on the Rides of Their Lives

Posted by Laura Kelly on March 11, 2013

There used to be a one-word description for childhood health and wellness programs: “play”.

But somewhere between online games, expanded TV channels and over-scheduled after-school commitments, kids became less fit. The

Childhood Obesity


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