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Healthcare Trends in America

The 2010 edition of Healthcare Trends in America: A Reference Guide from BCBSA is a comprehensive compendium and analysis of key trends in the healthcare industry from nationally recognized, fact-based and credible sources. The research within the report provides a useful blueprint to assist stakeholders and the federal government as they implement healthcare reform.

Improving Access to Coverage

Overview: Health insurance coverage trends, including employer-sponsored coverage and the uninsured.

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Keeping Healthcare Affordable

Overview: Global and national healthcare spending trends, with specifics on use of funds and how growth of spending compares with relevant macroeconomic trends.

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Improving Quality & Safety

Overview: Initiatives aimed at increasing quality of healthcare delivery, including the reduction of variations in care, adherence to evidence-based care and provider incentive models.

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Improving Consumer Health

Overview: Factors affecting consumer healthcare decisions and engagement, as well as the impact of the growing burden of disease, preventive care and poor lifestyle choices.

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Changing Care Delivery Models

Overview: Alternative provider settings and the use of online interfaces to connect healthcare practitioners to patients as well as other providers.

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