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    immunization programs
    Preventive care programs designed to monitor and promote the administration of vaccines to guard against childhood illnesses, such as chicken pox, mumps, and measles, and adult illnesses, such as pneumonia and influenza.
    Indemnity and Traditional Insurance
    Traditional insurance provides members with the most freedom of choice, and offers the most control over your healthcare. Traditional insurance, also known as Indemnity or Fee-for-Service, allows members to select any healthcare provider However, benefits are maximized when using a participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield company.
    Indirect Care, Support and Remote Provider (National Provider)
    An individual or organization that offers care to patients from outside the local Plan's service area. Services may be provided from a single site or from multiple locations The provider of service is the one who files a claim for a service supplied to the member. BlueCard applies if the provider of service is outside the member's Blue Plan's service area and does not contract with the member's Plan. The member's location at the time of service is irrelevant. Often the patient and the indirect care provider are in different physical locations.