; BCBSA Adds Two National Companies To Blue365® Program
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Press Release

BCBSA Adds Two National Companies To Blue365® Program

BodyMedia and eMindful can help shed pounds and manage stress

July 11, 2012

WASHINGTON – Are you feeling stressed from over-work?  Have you been thinking of taking up yoga, but find you’re too busy?  Or what about those 20 extra pounds you want to lose, but the calories are just too elusive to count?

Through its Blue365 program, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) has teamed up with two nationally known companies – eMindful and BodyMedia – to help members of participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies save money while taking better control of their health and well-being through stress management programs and body monitors.

eMindful is an industry leader in sustainable new approaches that integrate mindfulness into the daily lives and health programs of its participants.  With online courses and tools, eMindful focuses its holistic practices on lowering stress, increasing energy levels and supporting participant life changes such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

Developed in conjunction with many of the nation’s leading academic institutions, including Duke Integrative Medicine, eMindful’s Consumer Mind-Body Courses will be available to members of participating BCBS companies at a 25 percent discount on the retail price.  Online classes include “Mindful Eating – The Key to Sustainable Weight Loss,” “Yoga for Busy People,” and “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,” among others.

A pioneer in wearable body monitors, BodyMedia offers armband-based monitoring systems that have been clinically proven to bolster weight loss efforts by measuring the wearer’s calorie burn, activity levels, steps taken, and sleep patterns.  The companion online Activity Manager – available at any time via computer or smartphone – stores this data for easy reference and also enables users to log their food intake, set goals, and track their weight loss progress.  The system also generates activity and dietary adjustment recommendations based on each user’s goals, actual calorie expenditure and food intake for the day, creating a powerful 24/7 watchdog for weight control.

With Blue365 Deals, members can get a 15 percent discount on BodyMedia’s CORE and Bluetooth®-powered LINK armbands.

“We are excited to welcome BodyMedia and eMindful as the newest Blue365 suppliers,” said Mark Talluto, executive director of marketing and sales for support programs at BCBSA.  “By offering discounts on innovative products and programs like these, BCBSA and participating BCBS companies are making it easier for members to save money while taking a more active role in improving their own health and the health of their families.”

Blue365, a BCBSA program that was launched in 2007, provides value-added discounts to members of participating BCBS companies that complement their health benefits and helps them navigate the healthcare decision-making process and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

To see if your BCBS company participates in Blue365 or for more information about the program, visit Blue365 Deals at www.blue365deals.com.

About eMindful
eMindful, Inc. (www.eMindful.com) is a leading national evidence-based provider of live, online mind-body wellness programs.  Its courses are led by instructors who deliver engaging curriculums in a virtual classroom to participants around the world.  With the ability of participants and instructors to interact with each other in a real-time format, the resultant experience produces an effective and efficient means of learning.  eMindful, Inc. is based in Vero Beach, FL and has technical support facilities throughout the United States.

About BodyMedia
When your body talks, BodyMedia listens.  BodyMedia has been unlocking and deciphering secrets of the body since 1999.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, BodyMedia is the pioneer in developing and marketing wearable body monitors that equip consumers with information they can use to make sweeping changes to their own health and wellness, beginning with weight management and soon to include management of other conditions affected by lifestyle choices.  The BodyMedia platform is the only system of its kind that is registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device and that has been clinically proven to enhance users’ weight loss by up to three times (data on file).  For more information, visit www.bodymedia.com.

About Blue365®
Blue365 offers access to savings on health and wellness products and services and other interesting items that members may purchase from independent vendors, which are different from covered benefits under your policies with your local Blue companies, its contracts with Medicare, or any other applicable federal healthcare program.  To find out what is covered under your policies, contact your local Blue companies.  The products and services described on the site are neither offered nor guaranteed under your Blue companies’ contract with the Medicare program.  In addition, they are not subject to the Medicare appeals process.  Any disputes regarding your health insurance products and services may be subject to your Blue companies’ grievance process.  BCBSA may receive payments from vendors providing products and services on or accessible through the site.  Neither BCBSA nor any Blue companies recommends, endorses, warrants, or guarantees any specific vendor, product or service available under or through the Blue365 Program or site.

About the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a national federation of 36 independent, community-based and locally-operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies that collectively provide healthcare coverage for more than 105 million members – one-in-three Americans.  For more information on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and its member companies, please visit bcbs.com. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, check out our videos on YouTube, follow us on Twitter and check out The BCBS Blog, for up-to-date information about BCBSA.