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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) has developed resource tools to help healthcare providers obtain, report, and implement their National Provider Identifiers (NPIs). Below is more information on these resources, how to get answers to NPI questions, and how to contact your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) company.

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BCBSA NPI Educational Materials

BCBSA has NPI resource tools for healthcare providers -- both for large practices and institutional providers and for individual providers and small group practices -- that include the following information:

  • Gives an overview of the HIPAA-mandated NPI requirements;
  • Explains why it is important for providers to act now in regard to obtaining, reporting and implementing their NPIs;
  • Suggests actions that providers can take to ensure compliance by the May 2007 deadline; and
  • Provides an opportunity to send questions to industry NPI experts.

The NPI resources are intended for educational purposes only. These guides were developed in 2006 as a tool for providers prior to the NPI compliance date, but continue to provide valuable basic information for new providers.

Below are several additional resource links to leading industry web sites for NPI information and selected background reading on NPI:

Both of the above websites contain valuable resources on the NPI and providers are encouraged to review the available white papers.