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Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery

Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery

Studies confirm that as many as eight out of 10 Americans suffer from some sort of back pain. Many treatment options for back pain may be appropriate, at the recommendation and guidance of your doctor. For those with severe and/or chronic pain, spine surgery may be a treatment option. If you or someone you care about is in need of spine surgery, look to medical facilities you can trust – look to Blue Distinction Centers®.

Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery® have demonstrated their commitment to quality care, resulting in better overall outcomes for spine surgery patients. Each Blue Distinction® facility meets objective clinical measures that are developed with input from expert physicians' and medical organizations' recommendations. To date, we have designated approximately 310 facilities across the country as Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery.

Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery provide comprehensive inpatient spine surgery services, including discectomy, fusion and decompression procedures. Find a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery near you:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view the List of Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery document. If you do not have Acrobat, please click here to download it for free.

More information about Blue Distinction's selection process and the selection criteria specific to the spine surgery program can be found here:

Expert panelists contributed to BCBSA's development of the Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery by providing professional advice in connection with proposed selection criteria, request for information survey questions, and related features for this Blue Distinction Centers Program.

Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery, along with Blue Distinction Centers for Bariatric Surgery®, Blue Distinction Centers for Cardiac Care®, Blue Distinction Centers for Complex and Rare Cancers®, Blue Distinction Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement®, and Blue Distinction Centers for Transplants® are part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies' ongoing collaboration with the medical community to improve the overall quality of specialty care.

If you are a physician or hospital administrator interested in learning more or applying for the Blue Distinction® designation for your medical facility, please click here.

Note: Designation as Blue Distinction Centers means these facilities' overall experience and aggregate data met objective criteria established in collaboration with expert clinicians' and leading professional organizations' recommendations.  Individual outcomes may vary.  To find out which services are covered under your policy at any facilities, please call your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan; and call your provider before making an appointment, to verify the most current information on its Network participation and Blue Distinction status.  Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any of its Licensees are responsible for any damages, losses, or non-covered charges that may result from using this website or receiving care from a provider listed in this website.