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Second Opinion Episodes


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Addiction   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Major advancements in neurological science are changing the way experts understand and treat addictive behavior. This episode presents leading experts who discuss what the latest medical research tells us about treating addictive behaviors in men and women.

Alzheimer's Disease: A Caregiver's Journey   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease can be devastating for a person and their loved ones. Caregiving issues surrounding a person with a cognitive disease are unique, and planning for decline in health is critical for the caregiver.

Asthma   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Between 15 and 20 million Americans have asthma, a chronic disease that makes it difficult to breathe. This episode of Second Opinion looks at the symptoms, causes, and diagnosis of asthma and how modern drug therapy can alleviate its effects.

Back Pain   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

In the United States, seven out of every ten people will endure back pain at some time in their lives. For a common-sense discussion about an all-too-common ailment, be sure to watch this episode of Second Opinion.

Cardiac Breakthroughs   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. But can technology tell us too much? Our experts in this episode dive into the high-tech world of cardiac care.

Caregiver Burnout   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

While family caregivers give of themselves out of love, there are real physical, emotional and financial costs associated with caregiving. As we live longer and caregiving becomes a bigger issue in the U.S., learn what can be done to help our caregiving community.

NEW! Celiac Disease   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

What does it mean to live "gluten-free"? Celiac Disease is a hereditary autoimmune disorder. Nearly three million Americans suffer from Celiac Disease, which means their systems cannot tolerate gluten. This autoimmune digestive disorder has varying symptoms can be difficult to diagnose. It is important to get a diagnosis if you have Celiac Disease so that you can begin a gluten-free diet that will provide long-term relief.

Chronic Pain   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

An estimated 15-30 percent of Americans suffer with chronic pain. Is it real, or is it all in our heads - or are doctors just not looking deep enough?

Clinical Trials/Parkinson's Disease   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Medical research has helped us lead longer, healthier lives, but it has also sparked ethical concerns and contentious political debate. Through a Parkinson's Disease case, panelists explore the controversial world of clinical trials and debate the potential gains and pitfalls of science on the edge.

Coronary Microvascular Disease   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Research supports that not only do men and women present with heart disease differently, they can also develop it differently. Coronary Microvascular Disease is predominantly a women's heart disease - one that is often overlooked and under-diagnosed.