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Second Opinion Episodes


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Joint Replacement   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Many Americans face that, over time, their major joints will wear out, become painful or cease to function properly. This episode of Second Opinion explores the causes, symptoms and treatment of deterioration of major joints.

Kidney Disease: Caring for Someone with a Chronic Disease   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

While chronic kidney disease continues to rise in the U.S., Second Opinion explores the many issues faced when caring for a loved one with a chronic disease.

Kidney Stones   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

People have been suffering from kidney stones since the beginning of time. What are kidney stones, how are they treated, and more importantly, can they be prevented?

Macular Degeneration   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

The number one cause of vision loss is a disease called macular degeneration. This episode describes the disease and how you may be able to prevent it from compromising your vision.

Metabolic Syndrome   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

In this episode of Second Opinion, you'll learn what metabolic syndrome is, find out about its causes and consequences, and get a handle on steps you can take to protect yourself from life-threatening medical problems.

Migraine   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Migraine headaches and the options available to treat them are sources of much debate. In this episode, our panel navigates a case of migraine and the often confusing information that surrounds pain management and prevention.

NEW! Multiple Sclerosis   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a debilitating disease of the nervous system in which the protective sheath around nerve cells becomes damaged. Symptoms vary widely and cannot be predicted, but research and clinical experience are incrementally making treatments for MS more successful, giving individuals a better quality of life.

Osteoarthritis   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or just normal aging? Join experts discussing the real science behind the common degenerative disease, arthritis. Find out what you can do to help prevent it, and learn about promising treatments on the horizon.

Osteoporosis   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

It's a public health risk for 44 million Americans. Find out more about what can be done to help ensure healthy bones for you and your family on this episode of Second Opinion.

Sleep Disorders   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Sleep is often described as the most influential factor of our health and longevity, and sleep disorders can cause detrimental sleep disruptions. Second Opinion looks into the importance of shut eye and how to get enough of it.