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Second Opinion Episodes


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Heart Disease & Depression   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

With a tough case and a surprise ending, Second Opinion delves into the cause and effect of heart disease and mental health.

Heart Failure   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

It is your body's engine, playing a critical part in your overall health and well-being. Artificial hearts and organ transplants are the subjects of this episode.

Heart Rhythm Disorder   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

What if someone next to you suddenly collapsed? Would you know what to do? And, what if CPR weren't enough? Find out how you can be prepared to save a life on this episode of Second Opinion.

Hormone Replacement Therapy   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Since the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) was stopped early due to risk of heart attack and stroke, the use of HRT has been debated in research, in the media and among women across the country. Second Opinion explores the risks and benefits of HRT.

Hospital Acquired Infections   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Hospital acquired infections are a growing problem in the U.S., however there are steps that healthcare systems can do to protect patients, and actions that you can take to protect yourself.

NEW! HPV Vaccine/Cervical Cancer   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Cervical cancer is caused by several types of a virus called human papillomaviruses (HPV). The virus spreads through sexual contact. Most women's bodies are able to fight HPV infection. But sometimes the virus leads to cancer. You are at higher risk if you smoke, have many children, use birth control pills for a long time, or have HIV infection. Cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms at first, but later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina.

Hypothyroidism   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

When the thyroid gland loses its ability to make thyroid hormone, a person's whole life can be turned upside down. Affecting the physical and mental well-being of a person, the proper treatment of hypothyroidism can make a remarkable difference to overall health.

Incontinence and Urine Leakage   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

More than 20 million women suffer in silence with a secret that causes embarrassment, humiliation and life-altering decisions. This episode of Second Opinion discusses the latest treatments that offer new hope.

Inflammation   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Research indicates that inflammation underscores a significant percentage of heart disease and may be the source of many complications of aging. Our panelists explore the relationship between inflammation and disease, and what new treatments lie ahead.

Life After Breast Cancer   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Life after breast cancer treatment is often challenging. In this episode, experts, patients and laypeople discuss life after breast cancer - what it means to a woman personally, medically, socially and sexually.