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NEW! HPV Vaccine/Cervical Cancer   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Cervical cancer is caused by several types of a virus called human papillomaviruses (HPV). The virus spreads through sexual contact. Most women's bodies are able to fight HPV infection. But sometimes the virus leads to cancer. You are at higher risk if you smoke, have many children, use birth control pills for a long time, or have HIV infection. Cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms at first, but later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina.

Hypertension   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

One out of three Americans suffers from hypertension and many of us don't even realize it. Panelists discuss the latest in diagnosis and treatment in this episode of Second Opinion.

Hypothyroidism   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

When the thyroid gland loses its ability to make thyroid hormone, a person's whole life can be turned upside down. Affecting the physical and mental well-being of a person, the proper treatment of hypothyroidism can make a remarkable difference to overall health.

Incontinence and Urine Leakage   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

More than 20 million women suffer in silence with a secret that causes embarrassment, humiliation and life-altering decisions. This episode of Second Opinion discusses the latest treatments that offer new hope.

Inflammation   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Research indicates that inflammation underscores a significant percentage of heart disease and may be the source of many complications of aging. Our panelists explore the relationship between inflammation and disease, and what new treatments lie ahead.

Joint Replacement   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Many Americans face that, over time, their major joints will wear out, become painful or cease to function properly. This episode of Second Opinion explores the causes, symptoms and treatment of deterioration of major joints.

Kidney Disease: Caring for Someone with a Chronic Disease   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

While chronic kidney disease continues to rise in the U.S., Second Opinion explores the many issues faced when caring for a loved one with a chronic disease.

Kidney Stones   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

People have been suffering from kidney stones since the beginning of time. What are kidney stones, how are they treated, and more importantly, can they be prevented?

NEW! Late Effects of Cancer Treatment   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Treatment of cancer involves the use of strong drugs that target the cancer with the goal of curing it, but these often life saving treatments y can leave a wake of long-term physical and mental effects that patients are often not prepared for. Once cancer treatment is over, it is important to continue follow-up care and to understand the late effects of cancer treatment.

Life After Breast Cancer   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Life after breast cancer treatment is often challenging. In this episode, experts, patients and laypeople discuss life after breast cancer - what it means to a woman personally, medically, socially and sexually.