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Second Opinion Episodes


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Longevity   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

As our average life expectancy increases, we ask is living longer better? This episode discusses genetics, modifiable factors and medical technology that may dictate how long we live.

Lung Cancer   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Why is a diagnosis of lung cancer still a death sentence? In this episode, experts who diagnose and treat the disease talk openly about the challenges of finding good diagnostics and a cure.

Macular Degeneration   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

The number one cause of vision loss is a disease called macular degeneration. This episode describes the disease and how you may be able to prevent it from compromising your vision.

NEW! Mammography   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

The recent controversy over when—and how often—women should begin having mammograms has left a wake of confusion. Now that the new recommendations have been analyzed in the news media, this episode explores the fully story full story behind the recommendations. This episode also helps you understand how to work with your physician to assess your own risk factors and determine what works for you.

Memory Enhancement   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Crossword puzzles, vitamins, and classical music have all been promoted as tools for improving memory. In this episode, panelists discuss the recent theories and research surrounding memory enhancement.

Men's Health: Why Men Die Younger   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Biological, social and behavioral issues are just a few factors that play a role in why women live longer. Experts take an in-depth look into why men die at a younger age than women.

Menopause   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Is menopause a natural part of aging or a medical condition? From the conventional to the new age, treatments for the symptoms of menopause come front and center on this episode of Second Opinion.

Metabolic Syndrome   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

In this episode of Second Opinion, you'll learn what metabolic syndrome is, find out about its causes and consequences, and get a handle on steps you can take to protect yourself from life-threatening medical problems.

Migraine   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Migraine headaches and the options available to treat them are sources of much debate. In this episode, our panel navigates a case of migraine and the often confusing information that surrounds pain management and prevention.

Mind/Body Connection   Full episode (30 minutes)   Sample (5 minutes)

Can positive thinking, prayer or yoga help heal your body as well as your mind? It depends who you ask. Research into the connection between the mind and the body is both fascinating and controversial.