The Health of America Initiative

Published September 4, 2018

With nearly a century of experience, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) companies use the knowledge we gain from insuring 1 in 3 Americans to better the health of not just those we insure, but all Americans.

To deliver security and stability in nearly every ZIP code in every state, we partner with more than ninety percent of doctors and hospitals nationwide to provide high-quality care at the best possible price. BCBS companies drive innovations to inspire improved health outcomes. We harness data insights to improve the understanding of today’s healthcare challenges in order to spark real change. And we work daily to improve the health and wellness of our local communities through meaningful community impact.

The Health of America is a source of insights, information and powerful stories highlighting how Blue Cross Blue Shield companies are leading the way to better healthcare—and better health—for America.

BCBS Axis®

Broad, accurate and actionable

BCBS continues to transform healthcare with Blue Cross Blue Shield Axis®—an industry-leading national healthcare data capability derived from the independent and locally operated BCBS companies’ unmatched provider networks and membership data. Using the breadth and depth of BCBS Axis, key trends are uncovered and examined to provide valuable insights on the healthcare system.

Providing broad, accurate and actionable data, BCBS Axis lays the foundation for understanding where we are today and taking steps to move toward a healthier tomorrow.

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Report Series

Understanding healthcare issues and trends

The Health of America report series is intended to drive the dialogue around important healthcare topics. In partnership with leading data analytics firms, BCBS uses BCBS Axis® data to identify and communicate healthcare issues and trends to the general public, healthcare stakeholders and thought leaders. 

Every report adds to the ongoing dialogue surrounding Americans’ overall health and wellness. By emphasizing research and analysis, these reports enable national and local community health leaders to focus resources on efforts that create effective outcomes.

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Alliance for Health Research

Research drives innovation

The Alliance for Health Research is a collaboration of researchers from the country’s leading institutions and health research programs with the goal of improving Americans’ overall health. Through secure data environments, researchers explore critical healthcare issues using healthcare claims, provider and cost data to allow researchers to carry out complex analytics in their pursuit of solutions for better health and healthcare.

The Alliance for Health Research leverages the powerful BCBS data resource to enable richer analytics, sharper research and smarter solutions for improving quality and affordability in American healthcare.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index

Measuring health 

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index is a unique measure of the state of America’s health. The BCBS Health Index meets a need unfilled by other prominent and valuable population health indices and reports by deriving data from medical claims rather than general population statistics and self-reported survey data.

The BCBS Health Index is a health metric that identifies the top 200 heath condition categories affecting Americans, providing a view of the overall health and wellness of a population down to the county level. Powered by data from more than 45 million BCBS commercially insured members, the BCBS Health Index brings a unique contribution to other available health data to support national and local discussions about how to improve health, healthy behaviors, health policy and healthcare practice in the U.S.

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