Creating innovative solutions for our nation’s labor community | Blue Cross Blue Shield

Creating innovative solutions for our nation’s labor community

Published August 31, 2016

As the top choice for health insurance among America’s working families and the unions representing them, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies (BCBS) understand the importance of building lasting relationships with the labor community. That’s why we have a dedicated office devoted solely to serving the needs of the 17 million union workers, retirees and families who we are proud to cover.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield National Labor Office (NLO) is labor’s liaison to the 36 BCBS companies and every day works to ensure that BCBS products and services support working families’ future healthcare needs in years to come as they have since the office was founded in 1965.

The cornerstone of the BCBS NLO is our unwavering dedication to customer service. Our local labor representatives specialize and work directly with union workers and their families, giving them unparalleled expertise in the unique needs of the labor community.

Each year, the BCBS NLO recognizes one exceptional member of the team with the Labor Representative of the Year Award, which honors an individual for outstanding commitment as a trusted partner of his or her community and excellence in the workplace. This year’s winner is Dave Saile of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. We spoke with Dave to learn more about his work and his goals for the coming year.

NLO: What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite aspect of my job is working with the labor community and being able to offer them great benefits and access to affordable high quality care for their members. I also love helping them resolve their issues and being able to offer them innovative cost saving solutions.

NLO: What would you most like people to know about Excellus BCBS’ approach to serving organized labor?

Dave: Excellus BCBS’ approach to serving the labor community is to be the vendor of choice for labor. We do this by providing dedicated labor representatives, along with a dedicated service and membership team that provides best-in-class service to not only the decision makers, but most importantly, to their members.

NLO: How do you ensure that Excellus BCBS effectively meets the needs of its labor customers?

Dave: I ensure that Excellus BCBS effectively meets the needs of its labor customers by staying on top of what is going on in the health care industry and always looking for ways to help provide the best benefits to members at the best price. The key to this is be a good listener and be proactive instead of reactive.

NLO: Tell us a little bit about your role as a labor representative.

Dave: My role as a labor representative is to be a trusted advisor and a knowledgeable person that labor groups can go to for all of their needs, listen to them and help create solutions. I do this by building strong relationships and meeting regularly with the groups to ensure that their members are receiving the best service possible.

NLO: What do you hope to accomplish next year?

Dave: Some of my goals for next year are to gain a few new labor accounts and to provide new ancillary services to some of my existing labor groups.  I’m starting the process early, working to communicate with people and educate them on why Excellus BCBS is the best solution for needs of their members.


On behalf of the BCBS NLO, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our Labor Representatives across the country for their dedicated, tireless commitment to our more than 17 million labor members. Visit the BCBS NLO website to learn more about how to connect with your local representative.