Should we be wearing more sunscreen?

Published May 15, 2019

Too much sun exposure can have serious consequences and skin cancer can be deadly. However, only 35% of people say they wear the highest SPF available, despite 76% of them knowing that they can still get a tan when wearing a higher SPF.1

Skin cancer infographic

  1. IPSOS Public Affairs e-Nation survey conducted May 9, 2019 on behalf of The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. N= 1,003 nationally representative sample of adults over the age of 18.

This BCBS study examines U.S. commercially insured members diagnosed with skin cancer and melanoma from 2014-2017 and uses the breadth and depth of data available through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index.SM All tips and advice here are recommended by the American Cancer Society, providing an overview of skin cancer prevention and early detection.

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