Member voices: Help after a risky birth and a sick newborn

Published November 29, 2018

The dream for any new parent is a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. But when things go wrong, there’s often no clear road map, no real certainties. Rachel and Dave Mullin didn’t have a road map when things went wrong. But there was a voice on the other end of the line to offer guidance and reassurance

IBX Member Story ImageIn the suburbs of Philadelphia, Rachel Mullin spent the first 30 weeks of her pregnancy feeling great. But one day, after arriving at work, her vision began to blur. She felt sick. At the hospital, doctors detected dangerously high blood pressure. To save her baby, doctors performed an emergency C-section. Mullin pulled through. But her baby, Quinn, faced a terrifying journey through the NICU. Once the Mullins brought Quinn home, a new reality began to emerge. They needed someone who understood their situation and could help them navigate it.  And they found her.