Maternal Health
Published October 12, 2021

Breaking through bias in maternity care


The U.S. is among the most dangerous developed nations for pregnant women, new moms and babies, according to data from the March of Dimes. Outcomes are especially concerning for women of color: maternal mortality rates among Black women, for example, are three times higher than those among white women. While these disparities are caused by a complex fabric of social, political and economic injustices, implicit bias in the healthcare system plays a well-documented role.

To support healthcare workers in identifying and addressing their own implicit biases, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) helped March of Dimes launch its national Breaking Through Bias in Maternity Care program in North Carolina, which was converted to a virtual experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maternal care providers across North Carolina pay no fee to attend. The program’s curriculum covers structural racism in the U.S., strategies to mitigate bias in maternity care and approaches to building a culture of equity in workplaces and communities.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an association of independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

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