All over the country, people Live Fearless every day. They fearlessly strive to live healthy lives and stay healthy longer. Faces of Fearless celebrates these people – people like you – who are overcoming challenges with Blue Cross Blue Shield by your side every step of the way. That’s why earlier this year we asked you to submit your story of living fearlessly. We’re excited to announce the Faces of Fearless award winners are Kimberly and Devon Lengel – a mother and daughter who embody the spirit of living fearlessly.

— Kimberly Lengel, in her own words, on her daughter Devon’s will to thrive —

Thirteen years ago my daughter, Devon, was born at 24 weeks’ gestation, weighing only 22.5 ounces and measuring 12.5 inches. From the moment of her birth, my husband and I had to learn to live fearless.

Persevering through hardship

As Devon struggled to survive during those early days, we relied heavily on the neonatal intensive care unit staff to bring her through one crisis after another. Thanks to BlueCross BlueShield, we did not have to worry about getting the best care for Devon and could focus on supporting our little fighter. Through her six-month hospitalization, diagnoses of blindness and autism, and the other challenges her early birth brought, Devon persevered. For her entire life, Devon has been fortunate to have BCBS by her side. She has had access to the specialized services she needs to support her development, and she has thrived.

Learning to push boundaries

As she has grown, we have explored ways for her to be physically active despite her disabilities. Devon swims, rides horses, walks, does yoga and bikes. Tandem biking has been a recent addition to our fitness repertoire and one that we both enjoy immensely. For Devon, tandem biking is a way to push herself physically without worrying about bumping into things. The sheer joy and freedom of movement that Devon feels when she is on the tandem is palpable. She always begins our rides by exclaiming excitedly, “This is fun!” And she loves to ride fast. We are still beginners, riding a 25-year-old tandem, but we both have dreams of one day participating in rides to support charitable causes.

Inspiration to live fearless

Devon and I both know that she is a great inspiration to others in helping them to overcome their challenges and live fearless.

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