The Faces of Fearless Award celebrates people like you – people who are overcoming challenges every day to live healthier lives. So earlier this year we asked you to tell us how you took on your biggest challenge, and how Blue Cross Blue Shield helped you along the way. Read the story of our 2020 winner below and see how they embody the spirit of Live Fearless®.


Four years ago, Danielle Walsh welcomed her son Joey into the world. Born at 26 weeks gestation, and weighing only 35 ounces, Joey spent his first three months in the NICU, where he faced many challenges. He was a fighter from the beginning. 

Danielle and her husband were given a dismal outlook for Joey’s future, including the possibility of Cerebral Palsy, but their fears could not rival the joy they felt watching their son grow and persevere. Joey met many of his milestones in his first year, and with the help of special braces, he took his first steps at two years old.

In March 2019, he received the official diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

With support from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and their member care management team, the Walshes have been able to pursue life-changing therapies and equipment Joey has needed. to grow and persevere. “Blue Cross Blue Shield has given us something that we didn’t always have at the beginning of our journey,” Danielle said, “hope.”

Today Joey, meets his obstacles with the same fighting spirit he had the day he was born. His path hasn’t always been easy, but his courage and determination have been miraculous—making Joey and the Walshes true Faces of Fearless.

Walsh family portrait

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