Looking to find answers to your billing, claim forms, and other questions? Use our frequently asked questions to find answers.

Claims and Billing

Where do I file a claim for medical care received outside the United States?

If you are eligible for the Federal Employee Program (your member ID starts with the letter R immediately followed by numbers), your overseas claim form and instructions can be found here.

If you are eligible for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program, enter the first three letters or numbers of your member ID here to access your international claim form and instructions.

Otherwise, contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield company for assistance.

Whom do I contact when I have billing questions, get claim forms or talk to if a claim has been rejected?

Contact your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield company for details regarding billing. 

Be sure to have your account number, paperwork and any important information such as dates or doctor references handy when you call.

Doctors, Hospitals and Specialties

How often is your BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder updated?

Each one of our Blue Cross and Blue Shield independent licensees (our member companies) collect and provide information for our PPO finder via different timetables and methods. While we make every effort to keep the Provider Finder "up-to-date," it is always best to confirm any provider information you select from this utility with your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield representatives.

What is a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

A physician or other medical professional who serves as a group member's first contact with a company's health care system. Also known as a primary care provider, personal care physician or personal care provider.

Insurance Basics

What is an HMO?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization, a health care system that assumes or shares both the financial risks and the delivery risks associated with providing comprehensive medical services to a voluntarily enrolled population in a particular geographic area, usually in return for a fixed, prepaid fee.

For more insurance terms and definitions, please see our Glossary.

What is a PPO?

A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is an arrangement designed to supply health care services at a discounted cost by providing incentives for members to use designated health providers (who contract with the PPO at a discount), but which also provides coverage for services rendered by health care providers who are not part of the PPO network.

My Coverage and Benefits

I was denied coverage, a claim, or received erroneous charged on my EOB, whom do I contact?

To access specific information about your coverage and claims related to your individual or group health insurance, please contact the customer service number on the back of your member card. Otherwise, you can find your local BCBS company online. BCBS.com does not maintain member information.

I am a member but I do not see where I can log in on this website. Where do I find access to my member benefits, coverage, etc?

Bcbs.com is the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association website. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association does not have access to member information. We regulate the brand and licenses to all 36 Blue Cross and Blue Shield local companies.

To access specific information about your coverage, EOBs, prescriptions, paying a bill, or any other questions related to your individual or group health insurance, please contact the customer service number on the back of your member card. You can also find your local BCBS company on BCBS.com. 

Purchasing Insurance

How can I find out information about coverage that is supplemental to Medicare?

There are lots of Medicare choices, including Medicare+Choice, medical savings accounts and private fee-for-service plans. For plans available to you, use our Medicare guide. You can also view a listing of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies who participate in Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug choices. Contact your local BlueCross and Blue Shield representative for details regarding claims or coverage. Not sure which Blue company you belong to? You can find out by typing your home or work ZIP code in our Plan Finder.

How can I get information on purchasing health insurance?

Click here for information on obtaining health insurance coverage for yourself, your family or a group. You may also find more information about insurance for individuals and families and Medicare.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 35 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.