Four pathways to better care

Published November 21, 2016

Americans need more effective, efficient and coordinated care to help patients get healthy faster and stay healthy longer. Improving the U.S. healthcare system requires close collaboration between public and private sector insurers, hospitals, doctors and nurses to ensure every patient receives high-quality healthcare. To that end, we’ve identified four strategies that are critical to the success of this transformation.

Four Ways
Four pathways to better health: Moving from the fee-for-service model to one that pays medical professionals for quality care and effective treatment requires close collaboration. 1. Work with doctors and hospitals by providing them with the tools and data they need to transform their practice and provide high-quality care. 2. Help people be active partners in their own healthcare by providing wellness incentives with educational tools that make healthcare quality and costs transparent. 3. Change the way doctors are hospitals are paid by establishing meaningful financial incentives that reward better patient health. 4. Promote savings in the healthcare system by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse.

Improve the way doctors and hospitals are paid

Establish meaningful financial incentives that reward better patient health. Doctors, nurses and hospital administrators can and should work with payers to create performance-based financial incentives.

Give them the tools and data they need

Empower clinicians with real-time information on their own practices and patients as well as practices among their peers. We can also provide assistance with redesigning workflows and adopting best practices, in an effort to provide the highest quality care.

Encourage people to achieve better health

Help people be active partners in their own healthcare. Provide wellness incentives and information on healthcare quality and costs. Strategically-designed benefits can encourage patients to make more informed decisions that can help save money.

Rein in costs for everyone

Promote savings in the healthcare system. Put an end to services that add cost but little value, such as unnecessary testing. Address escalating pharmaceutical costs that threaten access to new and life-saving drugs. Eliminate fraud, waste and abuse across the system.

For additional recommendations on how the public and private sector should partner in creating a healthier America, read our report "Pathway to Better Health."