Community Impact

In some Tennessee counties, infant mortality rates are as high as they are in many third world countries, but through a new program, BCBS Tennessee is improving these numbers. 90% of patients are having healthy babies. Read more >

Did you know?

In one year, BCBS Texas provided disease-preventing vaccines to 20,000-25,000 uninsured and under-insured children.

Article November 5, 2019

Raising the standards for LGBTQ healthcare

LGBTQ patients may avoid going to the doctor because they don’t feel welcome. But Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is training doctors to transform their clinics into “safe zones.”
Article February 13, 2019

Providing support for federal workers across the country

Despite the promise of compromise following 35 days of the longest shutdown in government history, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies continue to provide financial aid to federal employees and their families who were hardest hit by the government shutdown.
Article December 12, 2018

The fight against hunger

The USDA estimates 40 million Americans are food insecure and Arkansas ranks second in the country for the number of people facing food insecurity. As part of its 70th anniversary celebration, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield committed to making food insecurity its number one priority.
Article October 26, 2018

Health at home with community paramedicine

Communities across the nation are exploring ways to help residents get the care they need before calling an ambulance. Here’s how one community is addressing social determinants of health to help vulnerable patients get healthier.
Article October 26, 2018

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a cyclical behavior affecting women, men and children across the country. To better understand this cycle of violence, Blue Shield of California Foundation commissioned a survey to help uncover the root causes and found an opportunity for greater impact.
Article March 1, 2016

Making the most of winter

It’s been an unusually warm winter in many parts of the country, but fewer daylight hours still have a way of making us feel lazy...