Published December 13, 2018
Article October 13, 2023

Trauma-informed care can change kids’ lives

Despite a shortage of mental health providers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are prioritizing growing their mental health provider networks. Since 2019, the number of providers has climbed by 55%. Primary care providers are playing a strong role, too.
Article June 15, 2023

Aspen Ideas: Health

BCBSA is addressing some of most pressing health care issues in America and continues to advance and elevate health equity conversations among key stakeholders through a variety of hosted sessions at Aspen Ideas: Health in Aspen, Colorado.
Article July 7, 2022

After Aspen: Driving health equity action

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is addressing some of most pressing health care issues in America and continued to advance and elevate health equity conversations among key stakeholders via a variety of hosted sessions at Aspen Ideas: Health in Aspen, Colorado (June 2022).
Article July 5, 2022

Consumers save money with cost transparency tools

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are committed to providing cost transparency tools designed to make it easier for patients to compare prices, estimate potential costs of procedures and/ or medication while ultimately saving money. These digital solutions support affordability and make health care less complicated for individuals and families. Here are some examples:
Article May 17, 2022

Bridging the rural mental health gap

Mental health is a foundational part of overall wellness - one that informs our sleep, immune system, relationships, physical health, ability to work and overall quality of life. Yet more than 70% of all U.S. counties have a shortage of mental health workers.
Article April 25, 2022

How data drives health equity solutions

Advancements in health equity don't just happen within the health care industry. Researchers have pointed out that equity solutions are multi-dimensional. That's why Florida Blue is leveraging its leadership to bring together multiple community stakeholders that can address broader inequity issues while also developing solutions that standardize data collection and analysis to identify and drive solutions.
Article March 3, 2022

Six ways we’re lowering drug prices

For over a decade, covering Americans with health insurance has been the priority of many policymakers. Today, more than 91% have some form of health insurance. The challenge now is making that coverage affordable by addressing the underlying costs of health care. Lower health care costs lead to lower health insurance costs.
Article February 10, 2022

No more surprise bills: new protections for patients

A new law called the No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1st, 2022. It protects patients from receiving surprise medical bills. Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans stand behind these bipartisan-backed protections. Here’s what you need to know.
Article January 4, 2022

Advancing health equity starts with data

Every American deserves accessible, affordable and equitable health care. But this is not the reality for many people – especially people of color. Yet the root causes of these disparities – from bias and lack of access to social drivers of health – are difficult to measure. Robust and actionable data is needed to better serve all communities.
Article November 2, 2021

Providing better health care for rural America

I recently spoke at the One Country Rural Progress Summit to discuss the state of rural health care in America. Among the lineup of speakers was my former boss, Dr. John Kitzhaber. As the longest-serving governor of Oregon with experience as a rural ER doctor, John was keenly focused on helping rural Oregonians. I was lucky enough to serve under him as the director of the Oregon Business Development Department.
Article September 3, 2021

Q&A: To manage or prevent chronic disease, connect the data dots

More than half of all U.S. adults have at least one chronic disease. We have a growing number of ways to prevent or manage these diseases. But there’s room for improvement. More coordinated care, driven by data sharing and sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence, could help more people get and stay healthy.
Article August 16, 2021

4 Ways We Are Democratizing Health Data

A patient leaves yet another doctor's office, arms full. They carry cases heavy with binders: eight years of medical records that have traveled with them across the country, growing heavier with each appointment.
Article August 13, 2021

How data and artificial intelligence can make healthcare more proactive

Your personal doctor keeps an electronic medical record. The lab where you have your blood work done keeps an electronic record of your results. Your current health insurer has your latest claims data; your previous health insurer has another set. If you go to the emergency room, the hospital maintains data about that visit. What if someone put together all the pieces?
Article July 30, 2021

Interoperability 101

Not sure exactly what healthcare interoperability is? Start here. What’s interoperability? Interoperability is the ability to...
Article June 4, 2021

Podcast: Baltimore cut infant mortality and helped moms thrive, too.

In 10 years, Baltimore cut its infant mortality by nearly 30%. It's an incredible success story. But there's more work to do as the initiative B'more for Healthy Babies enters its second decade. Substantial racial disparities persist between Black and white infant and maternal health. In this episode, we visit the communities hardest hit by those disparities and learn how this massive, grassroots effort is turning the tide.
Article June 3, 2021

Rural hospitals are in crisis. How did this Alabama hospital beat the odds?

Bibb Medical Center in rural Bibb County, Alabama, has figured out a way not only to keep its emergency room open, but to transform itself into a thriving healthcare system. Their success comes at a time when rural hospitals are closing or in trouble across the country. Bibb may be a blueprint for other rural hospitals that could play an even bigger role in keeping their communities healthy. In this episode of the Health of America podcast, learn how Bibb Medical Center is beating the odds.
Article May 14, 2021

Webinar: Confronting Racial Disparities in Maternal Health

The National Association of Black Journalists webinar on May 19, BCBSA will preview The Health of America Report® on "Racial Disparities in Maternal Health" and host a discussion with health equity leaders on the current state of racial disparities in healthcare.
Article March 29, 2021

Enhancing addiction treatment as opioid overdose deaths spike

At a time when COVID-19 was cutting lives short across the country, another pandemic was unfolding. Between July 2019 and July 2020, nearly 84,000 Americans died from accidental drug overdoses. That’s the highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in a single year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Compare it to the 12 month period ending in July 2019, when more than 68,000 Americans died.
Article December 14, 2020

How High Performance Networks Will Change Healthcare

Payers, providers and patients all want the same thing: better health, improved access and greater affordability. It's our responsibility as an entire healthcare industry to think about the patient first and make their experience better.
Article December 14, 2020

How the 2020 election will impact healthcare

As unexpected and unusual as 2020 has been, this year’s election was no exception. Yet amid the tumult, some things remained unchanged: healthcare once again continued to be a top priority for American voters.
Article October 9, 2020

Caregivers need care, too

Maureen Sullivan, chief strategy and innovation officer for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, shares insights on the state of caregiving and its forward progress.
Article September 29, 2020

Raising the standards for LGBTQ healthcare

LGBTQ patients may avoid going to the doctor because they don’t feel welcome. But Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is training doctors to transform their clinics into “safe zones.”
Article September 4, 2020

To prevent burnout, caregivers need care, too

Caregivers are often balancing so much they might not prioritize their own health. The question is: can a health insurance company offer the right kind of support without adding another item to a caregiver’s to-do list?
Article May 7, 2019

How a small community hospital can keep a whole community healthy

Large hospital systems often have more resources to provide an extra level of care for patients but small community hospitals may sometimes have to do more with less. BCBS Massachusetts is working with South Shore Hospital to help the hospital provide quality, affordable care for the entire community.
Article March 8, 2019

A nurse uses her experience to guide members through their own journeys

Intensive care unit nurse Mercedes Munoz endured three years of breast cancer treatment. After, she decided to leave a stressful work environment in the hospital to join a special concierge team for members with serious illness. Now, her experience helps her advocate for and empathize with cancer patients in a way few others can.
Article February 27, 2019

Helping a member navigate an overseas emergency

While traveling in Brazil, a car accident shattered her pelvis, broke her femur and left her near death. Local hospitals provided great care, but this Blue Shield of California member needed to get home. A health plan team didn’t rest until her flight landed.
Article February 14, 2019

HIMSS 2019: A Lookback

All the BCBS news from HIMSS19, the Health Information Management Systems Society Global Conference and Exhibition, in Orlando, Florida.
Article February 13, 2019

Providing support for federal workers across the country

Despite the promise of compromise following 35 days of the longest shutdown in government history, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies continue to provide financial aid to federal employees and their families who were hardest hit by the government shutdown.
Article February 7, 2019

Navigating your health

Many people new to our country are in need of becoming better health advocates for themselves and their families. Find out how Florida Blue is taking a grassroots approach toward enhancing health literacy.
Article January 22, 2019

The next level of value-based care

A majority of North Carolina’s largest health care systems have committed to sharing in cost savings – and losses if they fall short – for improving patient health in a broad new value-based care plan. BCBS North Carolina’s bold new strategy to take value-based care statewide.
Article December 12, 2018

The fight against hunger

The USDA estimates 40 million Americans are food insecure and Arkansas ranks second in the country for the number of people facing food insecurity. As part of its 70th anniversary celebration, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield committed to making food insecurity its number one priority.
Article December 6, 2018

Preventing blindness in diabetes patients

More than 100 million U.S. adults currently live with diabetes or prediabetes and one of the most common complications of diabetes is blindness. Learn how BCBS companies are removing barriers ensuring diabetic patients receive necessary eye exams.
Article December 3, 2018

Why flu shots matter

Over the last century, we’ve learned so much about preventing and controlling the spread of flu. But a public health challenge remains.
Article November 27, 2018

Healthy hometown

While staying true to its small town charm and rich history South Dakota's oldest city, Fort Pierre, has a strong desire to be a city continuously making subtle environmental changes ensuring residents and visitors have resources to stay active and healthy.