Tackling chronic disease through community partnerships

Published July 18, 2018

Nearly 117 million Americans have more than one chronic condition, according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, accounting for about 86 percent of annual healthcare expenditures.  Reversing the trend will take improving healthcare access as well as personalized, innovative approaches to patient education about healthy lifestyle changes.  

A recent Washington Post Health 202 Live Event, sponsored by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), challenged health policy leaders to bring their best thinking to bear on the burden of chronic disease in America. 

BCBSA President and CEO Scott Serota, Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty and CEO and Founder of Solera Health Brenda Schmidt highlighted a unique approach in Florida. Their collaboration aims to address chronic disease using a deep knowledge of specific neighborhoods, in which 40 percent of people prefer an in-person program verses a digital app,” says Schmidt.

Solera, in collaboration with 24 additional Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, has championed the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing chronic conditions, and that leveraging community resources can create better access to care and help lower costs. In addition, using facilities such as local churches and YMCAs to offer chronic disease education and management resources has helped engage and empower patients across Florida to take control of their health, reducing their risk for developing Type II diabetes by up to 70 percent.  In particular, the hyper-local model used by Solera and Florida Blue has been successful with a population as diverse as Florida’s, Geraghty says.

Learn more about the chronic conditions affecting your community by exploring the BCBS Health Index, a comprehensive measure of health that quantifies how more than 200 health conditions affect the health and well-being of commercially-insured Americans. 
About Solera Health

Solera Health is an integrated benefit network that connects patients, payers, and physicians with community organizations and digital therapeutics providers, simply and securely. Solera Health is in no way associated or affiliated with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.