Millennial voices: financial stress may be driving poor millennial health in Philadelphia

Published November 20, 2019

Millennials’ health is deteriorating faster, at a younger age, than older generations. Some mental health and chronic condition diagnoses have doubled in prevalence. And as a recent report from Moody’s Analytics and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association shows, millennials’ health status today will have major implications not only for their future health, but the nation’s economy as well.

Millennial Kate Fox, a public health expert who works for Philadelphia’s department of behavioral health, explains the role financial instability may play in millennial health trends following her attendance at the November 6, 2019 “Millennial Health: A Call to Action” forum at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center. 

Learn more about millennial health and read the lively Twitter discussion from the event here.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of independent, locally owned and operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.