Zen and access to healthcare

Wherever you go, there you are – ancient Eastern philosophy

Humans have been a mobile species long before smartphones. Even after nomadic tribes settled in villages, they still possessed within their DNA an innate sense that there is a "somewhere else" in this world. Another place to settle down or explore, to learn from, or to be inspired by. So our early ancestors began to experience life outside their communities, and travel was born.

Technology has caught up with humanity, and the world is now a very mobile place. Today, a person’s definition of "local" has more to do with their real-time geo-location coordinates than their home address. We travel for work, for school, for pleasure, for need, and we travel because we can. We can live truly mobile lives because of technology, and because people are creating solutions that satisfy this very basic urge to go places.

Health insurance is no different. Illnesses and accidents don’t care where you are—healthcare is delivered locally, but "wherever you go" is the new local in our mobile world. So wherever you go, you should have peace of mind that your health insurance has you covered.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies cover 100 million Americans in every zip code of every state and territory in the U.S. If you are a Blue member, healthcare access doesn't end when you leave your home, your town, or even if you leave the country. Because Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a variety of options to ensure you can receive access to care wherever your travels may take you.

Traveling around the country? No matter if you’re at the local water park or three states into your cross-country road trip, as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield member you’re covered through the program. BlueCard helps simplify your access to healthcare by providing seamless coverage through the 38 independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide. Visit the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder to locate doctors and hospitals, along with maps and directions to find them. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association also launched a Blue National Doctor and Hospital Finder mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allowing you to quickly search for healthcare providers nationwide. Or simply call BlueCard Access at 1.800.810.BLUE (2583) for the names and addresses of doctors and hospitals in the area where you or a covered dependent need care. If you’re a PPO member, always use a BlueCard PPO doctor or hospital to ensure you receive the highest level of benefits.

Traveling abroad? With BlueCard Worldwide you can search for doctors and hospitals around the world, get help navigating foreign health systems (including language translation), access your benefits and file an international claim form.

Working abroad? GeoBlue ExpatSM is for employees and their families living and working outside their home countries for six months or more. GeoBlue TravelerSM is for international business travelers who are outside their home country for trips lasting up to 180 days.

Child leaving for college? Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Away From Home Care®provides peace of mind for parents sending children to college out of state. It provides students with a cost-saving HMO alternative that provides local access to a Primary Care Physician where they are, instead of waiting for holiday breaks to see their doctor back home.

We live in a world with global opportunities. For more information about Blue products to fit your travel needs, please contact your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield company or go to https://www.bcbs.com/member-services.

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The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 35 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.