Ideas into action: Maternal health investment grows nearly 60% from Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies

Published December 11, 2023

Increased investment totaling $31 million over two years, reflects the deep commitment by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to advance maternal health equity with strategic programs and community partnerships.

In two years since outlining a national commitment to advance maternal health equity, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies continue to invest millions into programs that address the underlying factors that contribute to maternal health disparities. Improving maternal health is part of BCBSA’s National Health Equity Strategy aimed at these disparities so Americans can live their healthiest lives

At a glance: maternal health investment


At a Glance Maternal Health Investment

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Priority on maternal health

This latest investment spike reflects a multiyear, national strategy focused on conditions that disproportionately affect marginalized communities.

For example, Black women are three times more likely to die from childbirth complications than white women and face a 70% higher risk of severe maternal morbidity (SMM), or life-threatening events, than any other racial groups—often related to conditions that require close attention throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

Our dollars at work

From coast to coast, 33 Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies have directed millions of dollars into areas of maternal health including research, data, advocacy, and action. Here’s an example of the range of initiatives:

  • Training to recognize implicit bias and develop trauma-informed care for maternal health providers
  • Expansion of digital tools and apps to support family planning, pregnancy and post-pregnancy
  • Partnerships that connect pregnant mothers with critical social services
  • Integration of data to identify high-risk pregnancies 
  • Distribution of home wellness tools including hypertension kits and blood pressure cuffs

The big picture

BCBS maternal health initiatives are part of an overall investment strategy totaling *$500 million across four key areas to improve the health of Americans from coast to coast. BCBS companies insure one out of three Americans.

Ideas into Action Maternal Health Investment Chart

*Results from 2022 State of CSR Survey

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