2019 Calendar of Events


4-6 National LERA Meeting ASSA/AEA (Atlanta, GA)
20-22 Made in America (Las Vegas, Nevada)
27-29 NCPERS Annual Legislative Conference (Washington, DC)
29-31 Consortium Sales Advantage Conference (Naples, FL)


14-19 National Labor Management Conference (Hollywood, FL)
25-28 NLO National Labor/Management Healthcare Strategies Meeting (Cape Coral, FL)


11-13 Consortium HealthCare Forum (Bonita Springs, FL)
18-20 SIIA Self-Insured Health Plan Executive Forum (Charlotte, NC)


4-6 IBEW Construction & Maintenance Conference (Washington, DC)
7-10 AFL-CIO Building Construction Trades Department (Washington, DC)
7-10 State and Local Government Benefits Association National Conference (Ft. Worth, TX)
17-18 NLO Spring Board of Directors Meeting (Washington, DC)
29-30 BCBSA 2019 Blue National Summit (Grapevine, TX)


1-2 BCBSA 2019 Blue National Summit (Grapevine, TX)
7-9 Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Executive Forum (Nashville, TN)
19-22 NCPERS Annual Conference & Exhibition (Austin, TX)


2-5 FEP National Conference (Minneapolis, MN)
13-16 LERA 71th Annual Meeting (Cleveland, OH)


TBD FMCS National Labor Management Conference (TBD)
26-27 FEP Finance & Audit Conference (Austin, TX)


17-18 NLO Fall Board of Directors Meeting (Isle of Palms, SC)
22-25 FEP Field Service Conference (Austin, TX)
27-30 NCCMP Annual Conference (Hollywood, FL)


14-17 FEP Plan Operations Conference (Austin, TX)
20-23 IFEBP Annual Conference (San Diego, CA)
27-30 NCPERS Public Safety Employees’ Pension & Benefits Conference (New Orleans, LA)


TBD Food & Drug Conference (TBD)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 36 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.