The NLO Educational Webinar series gives our Strategic Alliances the chance to address real issues our labor community is dealing with, such as dermatology factors or mental health, giving participants a place to begin their search for aid. These webinars are intended to reach a very broad audience, from Blue Plan staff to Non-Blue laborers.


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2019 NLO Educational Webinars

Fit Happens Simple Strategies for a Healthier More Productive Life

5/21/19 - Watch the Webinar

Naturally Slim

Todd Whitthorne
Ted Holden

  • Specific strategies to help maximize sleep, physical activity and weight loss 
  • Concrete steps to build healthy habits
  • Recognition as to why relationships, joy and gratitude play such important roles in health

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: What is it and how does it affect workers and the workplace?

5/9/19 - Watch the Webinar

New Directions Behavioral Health

Andrea Auxier

  • List the primary symptoms of PTSD
  • Understand the impact of PTSD on workers and the workplace
  • Understand the various evidence-based treatments for PTSD

Shopping for Health Care: It’s Real, it Works and it Lowers Costs

4/25/19 - Watch the Webinar

Sapphire Digital

Courtney Campbell

  • Premiere Shopping Experience
  • Proven Incentives
  • 360◦ Support
  • Data analytics to track what matters to drive outcomes and impact.

Skin Health and the Labor Worker:  Stress and Skin Health

3/28/19 - Watch the Webinar

BREVENA Laboratories

Julia McMann

  • Have a greater understanding of the cause and effect of stress on their bodies
  • Understand the connection between work-related skin conditions and stress
  • Learn some tips to effectively manage stress


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