The NLO Educational Webinar series gives our Strategic Alliances the chance to address real issues our labor community is dealing with, such as dermatology factors or mental health, giving participants a place to begin their search for aid. These webinars are intended to reach a very broad audience, from Blue Plan staff to Non-Blue laborers.

2021 NLO Educational Webinars

Whole-Person Virtual Care

2/18/21 - Watch the Webinar

Teladoc Health

Randy Forman
Aaryn Pure

Redefining the way people receive care

  • Teladoc Health delivers and empowers virtual care services that span every stage of a person’s health journey: from wellness and prevention to complex healthcare needs. Our whole-person approach provides care teams with a complete spectrum of healthcare tools to ensure continuity of care as well as a network of providers for any member needs.

Whole-person virtual care key benefits:

  • Complete spectrum of care in one place
  • Holistic data for deep personalization in member experience
  • Cross-platform data integration to guide interactions
  • Intelligent matching for meaningful impact

Better Hearing and Speech

5/25/21 – Watch the Webinar

Your Hearing Network

Brittany Zedlitz
Cindy Beyer


Eye Injury Prevention

7/20/21 – Watch the Webinar


Kristyn Parzynski
Larry Opperman

  • Eye Care Demand and Importance
  • Protecting Your Vision at Work
  • Common Types of Workplace Eye Injuries
  • Preventing Eye Injuries in the Workplace
  • Choosing the Right Protective Eyewear
  • Sample Safety Glasses

Access for All: Whole-person care for the working men and women 

9/14/21 – Watch the Webinar

Teladoc Health

Andy Johnson, Teamster Center Services Fund
Julia Hoffman, Teladoc Health
Moderator: Amy Cosler, Teladoc Health

  • Strategies to use technology and innovation to take a whole-person approach to mental health--especially for its members with one or more chronic conditions
  • The importance of extending access to the right care at the right time
  • Leveraging data to pinpoint population disparities and break down barriers to care

Supporting members through their cancer care journey

10/6/21 – Watch the Webinar


Michael J. Fisch, MD
Craig A. Hunter
Milo Brunick

For individuals diagnosed with cancer their journey is stressful and complex. Labor groups have unique cancer care needs and plan sponsors are looking to deliver exceptional experiences for their members along their cancer care journey. In this session, plan sponsors will learn about trends in oncology, our comprehensive approach to supportive cancer care, including partnering with providers to align reimbursement with evidence-based care, use of genomic testing and precision oncology strategies consistent with objective data, and the value of incorporating primary and specialty palliative care.

Diabetes Awareness

November 2021
2 – 3 p.m. ET




Healthy Eating/Wellness

December 2021
2 – 3 p.m. ET

Wondr Health

Ted Holden



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