The NLO Educational Webinar series gives our Strategic Alliances the chance to address real issues our labor community is dealing with, such as dermatology factors or mental health, giving participants a place to begin their search for aid. These webinars are intended to reach a very broad audience, from Blue Plan staff to Non-Blue laborers.

2020 NLO Educational Webinars

Preparing for a Post Coronavirus Environment

4/16/20 – Watch the Webinar 

Sapphire Digital

Dennis J. Charland, Jr.

  • Plan sponsors preparing for demand of  elective services – post COVID 19
  • New federal and local legislation changing transparency landscape in next 12 months

The Impact of Skin Disease on Employers and the Workforce

6/16/20 – Watch the Webinar 

BREVENA Laboratories

Julia McMann

  • Cause and effect of skin disease on bodies and productivity. 
  • Connection between work-related skin conditions, stress, age and lost time at work
  • Treatment tips, options, avoidance measures in the workplace

The Long-Term Opportunity for Managing Chronic Conditions

7/21/20 - Watch the Webinar


Dr. Anoop Sangha
Bob Quigley

  • Managing chronic conditions today can improve life for Members
  • Long-term cost reduction averting change in benefits 
  • Latest innovations in digital healthcare 
  • Most costly and prevalent conditions impacting the Labor community

Put on your Oxygen Mask First – Managing through the current storm of emotional uncertainty
8/18/20 - Watch the Webinar

Naturally Slim

Todd Whitthorne
Dr. Dana Labat, PhD

  • Emotional and mental survival kit
  • Importance of social support and self-care

Simplifying How Members Navigate Their Health Care and Benefits
9/1/20 - Watch the Webinar


Milo Brunick
Valerie Yankofski
Lauren Biscotti

A high-touch, technology-enabled concierge service, Health Guide provides members a single platform to access their health care and benefits ecosystem for a single purpose: to inspire action that will improve health.

Emotional Support Programs for High School and College Students
Listen to the Audio
View Presentation

New Directions Behavioral Health

David Drap

Teens are suffering throughout the country on many levels especially today with Covid-19, and the uncertain future they all have. Wellconnect and Wellconnnect Teens will address all of these issues.

Protect Yourself in the Cyber World
11/4/20 - Watch the Webinar

Tammy Kocher
Chuck Burke

  • What happens if my company is breached?
  • What does cyber insurance do/cover?
  • Hot Topics in Cyber: Types of Cyber-attacks, Covid Trends, and ways to help protect against Cyber Exposures

Eye Care Demand and Trends
11/10/20 - Watch the Webinar


Larry Opperman
Kristyn Parzynski

  • Why demand for eye care has risen significantly in the last 10-years.
  • How vision coverage can impact the workplace.
  • Changing trends in consumer preferences for eye care delivery and materials.
Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) and Labor Markets
2-2:30 p.m. EST

Eric Daniels
  • The rising costs of health care – and why it matters
  • How CDHPs drive employee engagement and consumerism
  • The value CDHPs bring to employers and employees in the labor market


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 36 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.