The NLO Educational Webinar series gives our Strategic Alliances the chance to address real issues our labor community is dealing with, such as dermatology factors or mental health, giving participants a place to begin their search for aid. These webinars are intended to reach a very broad audience, from Blue Plan staff to Non-Blue laborers.

2020 NLO Educational Webinars

Preparing for a Post Coronavirus Environment

4/16/20 – Watch the Webinar 

Sapphire Digital

Dennis J. Charland, Jr.

  • Plan sponsors preparing for demand of  elective services – post COVID 19
  • New federal and local legislation changing transparency landscape in next 12 months

The Impact of Skin Disease on Employers and the Workforce

6/16/20 – Watch the Webinar 

BREVENA Laboratories

Julia McMann

  • Cause and effect of skin disease on bodies and productivity. 
  • Connection between work-related skin conditions, stress, age and lost time at work
  • Treatment tips, options, avoidance measures in the workplace

The Long-Term Opportunity for Managing Chronic Conditions

7/21/20 - Watch the Webinar


Dr. Anoop Sangha
Bob Quigley

  • Managing chronic conditions today can improve life for Members
  • Long-term cost reduction averting change in benefits 
  • Latest innovations in digital healthcare 
  • Most costly and prevalent conditions impacting the Labor community

Put on your Oxygen Mask First – Managing through the current storm of emotional uncertainty
8/18/20 - Watch the Webinar

Naturally Slim

Todd Whitthorne
Dr. Dana Labat, PhD

  • Emotional and mental survival kit
  • Importance of social support and self-care

Simplifying How Members Navigate Their Health Care and Benefits
9/1/20 - Watch the Webinar


Milo Brunick
Valerie Yankofski
Lauren Biscotti

A high-touch, technology-enabled concierge service, Health Guide provides members a single platform to access their health care and benefits ecosystem for a single purpose: to inspire action that will improve health.

Emotional Support Programs for High School and College Students
2-2:30 p.m. EST

New Directions Behavioral Health

David Drap

Teens are suffering throughout the country on many levels especially today with Covid-19, and the uncertain future they all have. Wellconnect and Wellconnnect Teens will address all of these issues.

Details coming soon
2-2:30 p.m. EST

Ken Boyd
  • Details coming soon
Details coming soon
2-2:30 p.m. EST

Larry Opperman
  • Details coming soon
Details coming soon
2-2:30 p.m. EST

Eric Daniels
  • Details coming soon
Details coming soon
2-2:30 p.m. EST
Best Doctors/Teladoc

Charles Gustafson
William Hepfinger
  • Details coming soon


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