Focus on Eye Health

Published October 22, 2020
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Focus on Eye Health. Taking good care of your eyes can help you maintain good overall health as you grow older.

About 6.4 million BCBS members had a serious vision or eye condition which includes Cataracts, Eye Injury, or Glaucoma. These impact two percent of millennials, six percent of gen x'ers, and 20% of boomers. Members with a serious vision or eye condition spend between 40 and 90 percent more on overall health care costs than others of their generation.

Poor eye health can affect you long term. Members diagnosed with serious vision or eye conditions are two timex as likely to visit the ER or have a hospital stay and more likely to suffer from a neurological condition, autoimmune disease, stroke, renal failure, and diabetes. A serious vision or eye condition may result in a loss of up to two plus years of healthy life.

Vision visits are down 18% since last year due to COVID-19

Vision Infographic


Source: BCBS Health Index 2018. Commercially insured BCBS members. Analysis only includes vision or eye conditions identified through medical claims.

1 Source: BCBSA. Generational Survey. September 2020.