Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Flood Support

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Berlin, Vermont — At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, we felt heartbroken along with all Vermonters as rivers flooded our downtowns, washed out bridges and roads, and isolated neighbors. As the flood waters recede, our employees and members are rising to help one another sort through the wreckage. Driving through our towns, it’s inspiring to see the recovery efforts that have already begun and people volunteering to help clear debris from local businesses, and the homes of friends and complete strangers alike. Rebuilding will take time and will impact us all.

To help with the recovery effort, Blue Cross VT will donate to the Vermont Community Foundation’s Vermont Flood Recovery and Response Fund to help our beloved state recover from the catastrophic rainfall this week.

“These are extraordinary circumstances. We know many Vermonters are struggling with significant loss and disruptions from the flooding,” said Don George, Blue Cross VT President and CEO. “Recovery will be slow. Everyone has to come together to commit both financial resources and physical acts of volunteerism. We are fully committed to supporting our neighbors.”

Blue Cross VT is  committed to ensuring our members continue to receive seamless access to high-quality, affordable health care.  Supporting them through this State of Emergency is our number one priority.

How we are supporting our members:

  • Prescription refills: if members have lost access to their medication, or need to refill their prescriptions sooner than they are normally due for a refill, we are lifting the standard refill requirements from July 11 – 25, 2023 for Vermont Blue Rx members residing in Vermont.  
  • Telehealth services: If members can’t travel to their health care provider, they can access care through local telehealth services; additional telehealth services are available to our members through Amwell, to answer emergent questions via telehealth, as well as for ongoing physical and mental health resources.
  • Our customer service teams are standing by to support members with any questions, and to better understand and respond to the immediate needs of our health care community.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will continue to work with community and state leaders to identify ways to step up and lean in to meet the needs of our members and our communities.

Connect with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont:

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