The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 35 independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield companies.

Article January 20, 2022

Leading through a public health crisis

All 35 Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are fighting against COVID-19, investing more than $12.8 billion in the nation’s recovery. We are expanding access to vaccines, educating communities, and meeting ongoing healthcare and social needs in communities across the country.
Article September 16, 2021

Bringing COVID-19 vaccines to underserved communities

To mitigate the increasingly dire spread of COVID-19 in the Pacific Northwest, Regence health plans are partnering with Medical Teams International to bring vaccines directly into rural, marginalized and underserved communities.
Article June 11, 2021

Your questions answered: the COVID-19 vaccine for pre-teens and teens

In the face of COVID-19, every question, answer and vaccination is important. That’s why we’re providing you with information to help alleviate concerns about your children receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Using facts from the CDC, we hope to answer your questions and arm you with the knowledge you and your children deserve so you can feel confident in your decision.
Article June 9, 2021

Video: Getting COVID-19 vaccines to at-risk communities

Vaccination rates are stagnating across the country, with about a 3-million dosage drop since April 1. This is concerning to health experts, who fear that low vaccination rates will cause the coronavirus to change and re-emerge. It's also concerning for a country that has lost nearly 600,000 family members, friends and loved ones to COVID-19.
Article May 10, 2021

“I listened:” A nurse case manager on addressing vaccine hesitancy

More than 140 million Americans have received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s a big step toward stopping the spread of the virus. But some are still hesitant to get the shot. A nurse case manager with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island found that listening, without judgment, to one patient’s concerns made all the difference.
Article May 1, 2020

Regence companies support at-risk members

Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies have been proactively contacting high-risk members in their case management program to ensure they have the care they need in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah.
Article April 29, 2020

BCBS companies support member health from home

BCBS companies’ number one priority is making sure our members get the care they need. That also means making sure they can care for themselves, from home. Learn how BCBS companies are making that happen.